Modern Methods

One of the main tasks of any manager is to fully exploit the full potential in their development sotrudnikov.Pri proper staff incentives, a rise in productivity and, consequently, the profitability of the company. Question: “How to achieve more value from their subordinates?” Sooner or later, there is every manager who is interested in business development. Undoubtedly, one of the main incentives for most employees is high and stable income. In this case, it would be a serious mistake not to consider such important stimuli, as the emotional atmosphere in the company, the ability to enhance the career ladder, social security, professional development at the expense of the company. Bill Phelan has plenty of information regarding this issue. And that’s just the basic criteria of motivation, in fact there are many more. The most common methods of motivation is a developed system of rewards and punishment, praise and criticism justified, competition among employees for the right to be luchshim.Tolko complex system of motivation, always bearing the emotional and material component would result from full commitment of staff at work, the maximum efficiency and productivity. People such as Pinterest would likely agree. Well, let’s say you already know how to motivate their employees and successfully cope with this task.

Then there next question-how to evaluate the effectiveness of the staff? At the moment the most efficient model-evaluation of staff by interviewing and testing and assessment of technology-tsentra.Assessment Centre – specially organized procedure for assessing the competencies of employees, which includes a variety of methods (role plays, quizzes, interviews) that complement each other. Assessment center to determine the presence of leadership characteristics of the participants, their skills to interact in a team and ability to act in emergency situations.