METAMORPHOSIS In the side of the beach I am at this moment, belt the waves to beat in my feet, frothy and clear as the snow. I have the sensation of is free the sufficient one to disclose to me and there I deliver myself to my thoughts, to such point that I almost lose myself. All in my return leave of existed are as if my spirit leaves my body, unbroken and there immovable, therefore I only see you on waters. The souvenirs mark are metamorphosis between the body and the spirit is everything so crystalline and intense. Its smile, its look becomes vacant in my memory, our bodies seems to float on waters the envolvement flesh time is so sublime that almost I enter in settles total, more at this accurate moment one shoots an arrow of light crosses the passage that we join, then is detached from you is as if my spirit returns it my body, its image adds on waters At the same time comes back felt the waves to it on my feet, the people who that way passed come back to echo in my ears. Why it has that to be thus, it would like to continue that day where we found in them, at least we were together. At the moment they had remained alone me to the waves that continue acariciando my feet. It will be? It cannot be! You are..