The SIVA is a source of the Marketing that brings the potential of satisfaction to the user. It is a set of symbolic expressions that bases expectations, necessities or desires of the individuals or groups. Its focus is directed for the service produced for the product, that essentially is something intangible, but added to the product and it offers the user. Exemplifica, the Self-Service restaurants, laundries, services of automobiles among others. The SIVA is a used strategy also in the After-sales, as it analyzes of the impact degree that the product offered the user. Exception despite based in the statistics, as source of research and tabulao of data, the product will be able to demand new necessities with SIVA.Os characteristics 4P? s is defined first as Price.

This aspect engloba for the valuation of the product to the user, and how much this is made use to pay. In this in case that, the vision of the user is bases for the elaboration of the productive costs, that added the operations mercantile, acquisition of insumos, payment of taxes and hand of workmanship, must be added to provide to the businesses, its viabilities. To define the price, some aspects must be observed: the prices of the same products in the competitor, the system of costs of the company, the strategy of insertion of the product in the market, the politics of subsidies practised in the country and specifically the perception of value on the part of the customer. For Rock 1999, ' ' the price can be defined based in the added cost the edge longed for the company, in the break-even point, the tax of return, in the curve of demand, based on the competition and methods hbridos' '. In regards to the launching of the product in the market, Rock 1999 defines that it will be able: ' ' To be of Skmiming form and for penetrao' ' , with assertive strategies, pautadas in research of profile of the white public, minimizing the war of prices, guaranteeing the qualities for the user of the product.