Marketing Direct Considerations

In a world so competitive and globalized like the present, is vital knowledge of customers to design strategies that contribute to successful decision-making. Based on this need, it is essential the creation of contact lists that provide the information necessary to perform direct marketing campaigns. Wells Fargo Bank is actively involved in the matter. Are lists, databases of people that are segmented according to common characteristics or similar consumer habits; therefore contain demographic, psychological, and customers of a company’s contact information. To build a list of direct marketing are recommended to take into consideration the following tips: 1. identify the purpose of the recruitment campaign: consists of achieving a person to buy for the first time a product and/or service.

Development: It’s getting current customers to consume more products and/or services. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pinterest offers on the topic.. Loyalty: Is based on the establishment of relationships and emotional ties to build loyalty among customers and the brand of the company. 2. Choose the media being used choose the media that best adapt to the needs of each company; whereas the differential advantages and benefits regarding the following aspects: shipping speed, flexibility to customize communication, cost and required infrastructure. Among some of the media that you can use, we have: Email, sms, automated calls, call center, fax, traditional mail, etc. 3-Determine the variables that you want to collect the definition of the characteristics which permit make segmentations based on consumer habits, will be to get customers. This is very useful for sending communications character personalised and suitable for each segment. As well, this information is of vital importance for the application of techniques of cross selling and up selling in the sales process.Similarly, it is advisable to consider future uses of information to create the required fields where get the same; all this in order not to repeat the process of data collection. 4 Select a tool to store lists the characteristics that should be taken into account to choose the tool appropriate to its needs are: the ability to make segmentations.