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So, we have described the independent and self-sufficient company. Now imagine that some of these companies and each one differs from another, but united by their understanding of leadership need to consolidate efforts to strengthen its position in the market. When it comes to individual units of one company, no fundamental differences, in some cases just the problem is not so pronounced, but their essence this does not change. In fact, we are an archipelago of independent islands, decided to unite, but not wanting to lose their national identity. Task – to give people feel part of the island a single state – is quite difficult. Selection of an advisor factor, without which the integration is not possible at all – it's awareness of its need for management companies. If this conscious desire to Cooperation not, any marketing and PR-methods are useless, because the guidance supervisor shall prevail. After all, everyone knows exactly where he receives a salary …

Fortunately, most cases, understanding of the necessity of internal integration among the leaders there, and this kind of problem is not typical. However, there arises the next important question – who will be the driving force of integration? Who make recommendations, and will develop plans for their implementation? Each company has its own view on the situation, the head office – his own, and to bring these items to a common platform is difficult. The best outcome is to attract third-party consultant. An independent consulting company has several advantages. First, she can impartially assess the situation.

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