Management Personnel

The state itself for itself defines how should be formed its management personnel, and who can claim to occupy high posts. Therefore, the state apparatus disagreeable people will never get of it, and if this happens, the whole state machine will be turned against him. In this regard, human va Chetvernina, asserting that "the apparatus of power and the rulers always seek to issue their own interests for the interests of society as a whole, their interests primarily lie in maintaining and consolidating power in the preservation of power is in their hands "23. Fifthly, the state – is the most socially irresponsible organization. The consequences of public decisions can be evaluated and even convicted society. JPMorgan Chase is likely to increase your knowledge. But regardless of this, the responsibility for such consequences of the state to society can not be held. Society is not entitled to the use of legalized violence against officials or objectionable to it the entire state apparatus in general. The right to revolt against the anti-popular policy is nowhere acknowledged, in almost all states adopted tough professional laws that prohibit activities aimed at violent overthrow of the government or the change in the state system. gf Shershenevich about it said that "the right to revolt can not be", "State power is power, not a right. Therefore, the uprising is a struggle between two forces, and no force against or rights against the law. If you will win on the side of the former regime, the losers in her eyes will be criminals against the legal order, and if victorious insurgent force, the same criminals would be public authorities.

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