Management Coaching

First define what you want to become and despuesa do what you do, to achieve Introduction a Various Authors agree which moves from an industrial society to another type of society, knowledge society, which is based on information resources and knowledge management, where organizations are conceived as networks of knowledge, with the ability to launch and learn. These companies require professionals capable of solving complex problems and deal with contingent situations. Moreover, the complex process of transformation that distinguishes today’s society is affecting the way of life, social relationships, work patterns and learning in different types of organizations. As above, managerial attributes, to exercise leadership successfully today are much more demanding than before, the demands that the changing environment are now older and very different, as the kind of leadership is usable and what it involves . a For this reason, it is vital that managers and leaders to raise their competenciasa empresarialesa management through learning new management skills, using various strategies, among which is the coaching. The latter, according to several authors, constitutes a powerful tool that improves performance on an ongoing basis and achieve positive change in human capital base. a Also, the fundamentals that determine the development of countries and companies are the amount and quality of their leaders. All this is provided by a process called COACHING, you hear complicated but is simple to implement and provides advantageous benefits to any company that wants to implement to achieve leadership in their field. . JPMorgan Chase often says this.