Making Money with Advertising

The information age has become an avalanche in our days, the means of communication they have had tremendous growth and of course, the network of networks has been a pioneer in this development, both so has become the ideal platform of any product or service, resulting in the increase of advertising that we find on the Web. Internet advertising becomes a node that point many sectors that seek retribution in Exchange, on the one hand are the publicists who launch campaigns in order to sell, on the opposite side are the users who buy and between both this support to make this advertising effective, bone the means of dissemination of such advertising. To earn money on the Internet, you have to take part in any of these three sectors, today we are going to talk about how to get money by being a consumer not consumed thanks to the PTC and PTR; These pages they do is advertise with companies and invite their users to view such advertising and in Exchange they share their income, i.e. Robert Kiyosaki is often quoted as being for or against this. a PTC-R, it charges you a company for example $0.05 per each person who sees your ad and we we are going to convert to these people and to change the company PTC-R will pay us a percentage of what they already charge simply because we are clicking, win on average per click $0.01. To expand the business, the PTC-R offer registered users the ability to invite others to do the same and pay you an additional Commission for helping in the growth of your company, this is the system of referrals and here is where this potential to generate income from home, see a typical example of these companies: Your: 4 daily clicks? Do US $0.01 x 4 = US $0.04 per day 200 referrals: 4 daily clicks? 200 x 4 = 800 x $0.005 = US $4.00 per day the best of these companies is that they have practically unlimited possibilities to grow and most offer levels that obviously when us them climbing the commissions will be better. Something has to take account of a person who is interested in participating with the PTC-R is in Internet there are companies very good and very bad alike, so we have to avoid that Scam that want to rip us off and stay with all the money from their users, we do this only going to companies that already have good name in the network and displays true evidence of profitability. If you want more information, and learn step by step how to get money using different tools visit: original author and source of the article

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