London Police Patrol

A small group of vandals began the riots, setting fire to buildings and vehicles and looting shops. There are 26 policemen wounded and more than 40 people arrested. The British Government has opened a police investigation about the incident. The London Metropolitan Police patrol the streets of the city after violent riots in the early hours of Sunday in Tottenham, North of the British capital. According to a spokesman for Scotland Yard said, a peaceful March of hundreds of people protesting the death of a young man to the police shooting was kidnapped by a small group of mindless vandals, which resulted in an escalation of disproportionate violence.

As the BBC channel, at least 26 policemen were injured and two of them are still admitted to the hospital as a result of these confrontations between Police and demonstrators. It also reported 42 people arrested. Escalation of violence it all started with a demonstration by around 120 people at 2120 on Saturday (hour peninsular Spanish) near the police station in the Borough of Tottenham to protest the death of Mark Duggan for gunshot wounds as a result of police firing. Duggan, of 29 years and father of four children, was in a taxi when he died on Thursday in an incident in which another agent was also wounded in circumstances still not enlightened. The peaceful March it moved to an escalation of violence by a small number of young people, according to the police, which led to scenes of chaos and numerous material damages. Violent men, adolescents mostly according to the British media, is also served from dustbins to form barricades with them and hinder the passage of police cars to streets whose shops looted. In addition to the District of Tottenham, the riots spread northward and West of the area, especially at Wood Green.

In the riots was set on fire to buildings and vehicles, among them two cars patrol of the police, and a double-decker bus, and many of the shops and stores were looted, report this Sunday the BBC and the British news agency Press Association (PA). The police has cordoned off the area while a spokesman for the London Fire Brigade services indicated that, at the moment, the fires are under control. Investigation opened by the British Government riots described as totally unacceptable the serious riots. In a statement, a spokesman for Downing Street, residence and official Office of the British Prime Minister, said that no justification for aggressions suffered by the police and the population, nor for material damage caused there is. There is opened a police investigation about these disturbances and we should let this process take its course, said the spokesman for the Executive, David j Cameron. The MP for that constituency, David Lammy, appealed for calm and asked to return to conflicts such as the would in the past in this neighborhood. Lammy alluded to another incident in the same area 26 years ago, when in 1985 Another policeman died from wounds of machete at the hands of a group of people and about 250 agents were wounded. At the moment the independent Complaints Commission to the police (IPPC) carried out an investigation into the death of Duggan, who was allegedly armed with a gun, although the Scotland Yard spokesperson termed it regrettable. Source of the news: the London police patrol the streets after a night of violent clashes with wounded.