Lodging Companies

In the industry of lodging of sites ' ' Overselling' ' it is the used term to define when a company supplies services and resources that, if in data moment all its customers used of the totality of the announced services would occur an unsustainable situation that would take the critical failures in the server. Normally ' ' overselling' ' it says respect to the use of space in record and to the monthly traffic of data. For example: If a company of hosting makes use of 100Gb of space in the server and has 20 customers supplying to each customer 5Gb of space, then the company is practising ' ' overselling' '. ' ' overselling' ' she is, before more nothing, a marketing strategy that has given resulted. In the example above, 5Gb of space for each customer is offered but if the company will only have 20 customers will evidence that nor all they will use 5Gb being thus much space in record that still can be used. In this case the companies opt to running a certain risk and ' ' vender' ' more packages for that one exactly serving. The prognostic is that nor all the customers will use the totality of the space who had contracted ' ' liberando' ' thus resources for other accounts.

This practical is very used in the telecommunications, for example. These companies have millions of customers but nor all they go to carry through simultaneously called. If this happened the infrastructure would not aguentaria. However in the reality it is practically impossible that this situation occurs. Therefore the use of ' ' overselling' ' he is not total negative will have been accompanied by of close for technician and services to monitorizao who authorize to all the customers what they had really acquired thus allowing the maximizao of the resources of the lodging companies. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage might disagree with that approach. We believe that most of the great companies of site lodging uses ' ' overselling' '. They house thousand of sites in an only server promising space and transference of limitless data. Some obtain to manage well its resources very ' ' tirando' ' of some and ' ' oferecendo' ' to others thus keeping all the satisfied customers. Some problems can occur due to the use of this strategy: The speed of links can diminish the servers can be unstable downtime can increase Can increase the time of reply on the part of the support technician Some used techniques for the companies: Width of band and space in record rigorously monitorizados in each serving Change of server for sites that present critical numbers monthly Alteration of the width of contracted band it to datacenter the addition of customers in accordance with Act of contract of staff technician in case of sudden increase of customers.