Literary Abilities

If you have some writing skills, and a little imagination, you can make money in the following activities: . Composing poems greeting to all kinds of festive occasions – day birthday, anniversary, wedding, new baby, graduation, etc. . Help businessmen, officials in writing greeting cards for holidays, followed by sending them to the addresses of institutions, colleagues and clients. . Compilation of advertising texts, advertisements, business letters and so on.

4. The writing of advertising in verse. Another original business idea related to the literary work – the creation of personal memoirs and family histories. Not secret, that not all people have been successful (including the so-called “new Russian”) have sufficient literary skills (not to mention basic literacy), as well as free time and patience to perpetuate its life on paper. However, they are conceited enough to resist the temptation to leave a memory of posterity. Such people are not hard to find. Arrange a meeting with a client in the cafe, at his home in another convenient environment. Prepare preliminary plan conversation, depending on whether he wants to tell the world your customer – how he spent his childhood as he was successful, or wants to make a farewell speech to his descendants – to tell what he most valued in life, what he wants to raise their children and grandchildren, or he wants to talk about your friends, or tell interesting stories of his life (funny or tragic), etc.

You come to a meeting with tape recorder and record everything accurately. Home in a quiet environment play tapes on paper (the best option – type on the computer and print out on a good printer). It would be even better if you familiar with the elements of design and decorate the text created some graphic elements. Folded in a pile of history of life can either bind or flash a punch and put in hard cover. I’m sure your work will be appreciated.

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