Life Is Beautiful

“Life is beautiful” reminds me of the title of an old film that if my memory does not betray me I think is Italian. It handles it quite simply, that life is beautiful, despite the catastrophic situations, disastrous and difficult of which is accompanied. Life is beautiful, I think a sentence that contains the desire for happiness, for trying to do with another glass anomalies, crises and other negative events of life itself. Life offers us the great and unique opportunity to feel, see, hear, touch, etc. All that it offers, such as sky, sea, mountains, singing birds, etc. Enjoying life is very important, but above all give us the opportunity to grow and value ourselves as human beings every day. We must give ourselves the opportunity to know ourselves, to ask: – What does it feel like? – What we like to see? – What we enjoy? – What we like to hear? – What we like to play? Are some of the questions we helped introduce slowly within us, because with the pace of life so fast that we often bogged us in trouble, arbitrariness, conflicts that prevent us from really realize who we are and the true meaning of our lives in this world.

All human beings have a life mission, either as parents, children, siblings, professionals, athletes, etc. That we must carry out. See the life positively, we raised self-esteem, provides internal and external security, but above all puts us on the path to happiness.

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