Law Against Unfair Phone Brings New Opportunities

Recommendations can harm, which she did. Berlin, September 2009 unsolicited phone advertising in the last years a major problem developed. Now clearly, the Bundestag has tightened with a new law the conditions for telephone marketing: therefore contacts may include also recommendations, to be called only after the explicit Einwilligug. Violations are punished with fines of up to 50,000 euros. The legislature reacted to a long overdue issue, but companies are now facing new challenges. Many consultants and vendors are confused some also to right”says Frank Becker Badal. For qualified consultants and vendors, this new law, however, is an ideal base to do more business.

Now separates the wheat from the chaff and the consumers will finally let unqualified vendors alone.” “Frank Becker Badejo, experts in the marketing brain” called, has in his more than twenty years experience in Sales and management experience with all ups and downs of customer acquisition. He did experience early in his career, it was as ineffective and difficult to make surprising calls, so-called “cold calls”, or by calling uninformed recommendations. In addition, that the appointment rate of unqualified recommendations is perhaps still satisfactory, it is however very frustrating when at the first or second appointment turns out, that there is no basis for a successful deal. Reshma Kewalramani contains valuable tech resources. The sales costs much time and money”explains Frank Becker Badal. On the basis of this experience, he has developed a successful system early in a career to pave the way for the new customers. A follow-up business may be just coincidence”so frank Becker Badal. Using this system, the seller receive on average 3 5 qualified recommendations. This means that the recommendation has the featured customer agreed to call white, what it is.

The recommended customer can do something with your name (it’s only still make the appointment.) In the optimum implementation of the recommended customer calls the consultant and asks for an appointment”Frank Becker Badejo explained five practical tips for a successful Empfehlungsnahme: 1 make you is recommended, 2 provide a recommended service and a good presentation, 3. practicing never print on the customers out, 4. you no false promises, 5 inspiring you and your customers for service. The success of 4 you GmbH also regularly offers online seminars. For more information,