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This includes also the IndustrialGreenTec. Young and innovative companies could apply here, including the EIGHTGmbH & co. KG, the solutions on the booth sponsored by the Federal Government in the Metropolitan”will be represented. Especially for organizations that are committed to sustainability, feel, offers more than just the way to emission-free electric mobility Point.One. So, for example, companies who rely on the solar charger, benefit from an increasing loyalty of their customers and employees, because the solar charger is a clear commitment to responsibility, offers attractive parking facilities and the opportunity to recharge electric vehicles more convenient. In addition, the solar charger protects the including parked vehicles from the weather and relieved as the The vehicles battery. Even the dismantling of the plant is devoted to sustainability, since most components can be recycled. This comprehensive concept makes Point.One an attractive solution as well as a strong symbol and pave the way for an emission-free, future-oriented electric mobility.

The sunlight takes minutes to make on our planet. EIGHT uses this energy to provide emission-free electric mobility Point.One with its EIGHT solar station. With advanced technologies, high quality materials, combines avant-garde product design, includes EIGHT the bridge between vision and reality, making visible and tangible the potential of sustainable mobility in the company. Product design developed in collaboration with the architectural firm of LAVA is inspired by the variety of forms of nature and serves as an exciting interface between vehicle, human and solar energy generation. Even the production of EIGHT Point.One is devoted to sustainability. With the consulting firm designers developed production methods and a digital process chain enables an efficient realization of the complex shape. Together with the industry partner Kurt Prinzing GmbH & co.

KG based manufacturing processed materials with a high recycling efficiency and takes place on most modern, operated only with CO2-free electricity production plants. EIGHT embodies the vision of Christoph B. Rabah and Thomas Prinzing. You have established EIGHT 2011 together and form the Board of Directors. “Also in 2011 the solar charger won already the federal vision electric cars city of the future”. EIGHT GmbH & co. KG Christoph B. Rabah (CEO) Carl-Zeiss-str. 12 73079 sweet Tel. + 49 (0) 7162 96 19 10