Kotler Company

Being valid me still of Kotler and Armstrong (2003, p.475 – 477) the writers they affirm that: the key for construction of lasting relationships is the creation of superior value and satisfaction for the customer. Satisfied customers have greater probability of if becoming faithful customers, and customers fidiciary offices have greater probability to give to the company a bigger participation of its preference. Much more satisfied customers produce diverse benefits for the company. Satisfied customers are less sensible the prices, they speak of the company and its products to other people well, and remain faithful for a longer period. The relationship with customer is the secret of the success of any empesa, either a familiar company or a multinational company. 5 – Training – Shield Against Vacilos in the Attendance an employee when it enters in a company, needs to pass for a gamma of training, since the knowledge of the organizacional structure to the future activities to play.

The waiter for example, backwards in its luggage not only knowledge of its profession, as well as crazes acquired in other organizations, one of the reasons of the integration and the training with the professional. In the search of the importance of the training of professionals, Chiavenato (2000, p.46) affirms that the training is an educational process by means of which the people acquire knowledge, abilities and attitudes for the performance of its positions. It is an educational process because it aims at to the formation and preparation of the people. is come back eminently toward the performance of the position, either of the current position or a future position in the company. The training has for content the transmission of information of necessary knowledge to the position, including information on the work, the company, its internal products and services, its rules and regulations, its organizacional structure, etc., also used for changes of negative or inadequate attitudes for positive and favorable attitudes, also are destined to develop certain abilities and dexterities related to the position.