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Medium-sized and large enterprises have to expect at least such prices but is there also more necessary work behind. A Web site for small enterprises or craft businesses can costs net (average) usually under 1000 EUR – depending on the effort & scope. Also, there are possibilities, E.g. via a monthly service fee to fund the Web site over a period of time with small amounts. High investment costs are therefore out. Generally is anyway advisable the Web page via a monthly fee to finance it and to include the maintenance, maintenance and search engine optimization to Let. For a successful Web site is developed in the long term and regularly updated! A “from today to tomorrow” solution is there more non – exception: you invest several 10,000 euro… A good Web site will definitely cost a few hundred dollars multiples reintroduces but then through the acquisition of new customers you.

Again, you should invest part of it in the Web page and matching advertising – so he joins cycle of success. Let’s move away from your regular newspaper ads – now bring little to nothing at all really! The efficiency is much lower than the orientation towards the market of today and the future: the Internet! Marketing for artisans is not complicated, at least not much more complicated than for other sectors. However you can not better have it, as private individuals his customers to – because the most benefit from the usual things of everyday life. Right there, you must meet your customers and “pick up”. Press contact: marketing crafts – marketing experts for craft Spa Kolner str. 13–58809 Neuenrade AP: Mr. Joscha Hellwig Tel: 02394-286611 eMail: Web: marketing & advertising agency specialising in craft enterprises and small businesses. We offer everything from a single source as a full service agency!