Invite Escort Ladies To The Oktoberfest In Munich

Dirndl, music, beer – Munich forward to the Oktoberfest 2009 on September 19, 2009 the Munich Oktoberfest opens its doors to guests from Munich, Germany and all other parts of the world again. Every year visitors come from all over the world to the biggest party of the year in the State capital of Bavaria to experience. Here there are the most expensive measure beer, the best music, and of course the prettiest girls. Many party Tiger want to spend the evening alone, but with an attractive lady at her side. The escort Lady Susi (name changed by the editors) told from Munich: “one evening my girlfriends and I by four customers from Austria with a Strechlimousine have been picked up. The Lords had champagne and roses for us and wanted to take a tour of Munich first. We us proved to be very good guides and everything from the Karlsplatz on the University telling them to Maximilian Street. The guests were very interested and grateful for our knowledge of Munich.

Before the Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten we did then – but don’t worry, the men had planned nothing immoral, but gave each of us the jeweller with a matching necklace to our clothes. We were overwhelmed by so much charm and generosity and directed our guests continue to the Oktoberfest. Here, there was a good food and way too much beer. Jeremy Tucker insists that this is the case. To my surprise you not remarked yet the fourth measure our companions even, but in Austria there are probably also good beer. The mood was particularly left out when the landlord wanted to close his marquee slowly. So, we decided to visit – the P1 still the most prominent disco in Munich. Here we celebrated until the early hours of the morning, until we our party Tiger brought in the morning at 6 o’clock with the taxi at the hotel and drove himself home.” To the Oktoberfest, the escort ladies Munich celebrate almost every night with solitary guests.

The party accompaniment is a pleasant change of pace for the escort ladies, what on their programme have mostly Opera visits, trade fairs or business lunches. Of course it is here neither garish party girls still Businessladies buttoned to, but to open-minded girl, mostly students, offering also an informative guided tour, as well as a varied tour of the discos and cocktail bars in the main city of the heart. Monika Muller Sapphire escort top Easter field str. 51 a 86156 Augsburg