Therefore, it is important to highlight some elements that we consider essential for the post. Does it why based on the criteria set out in the notice or the qualities for this type of very precise position. With a design course, a construction short and easy to read, put all the odds on their side to keep the attention of the recruiter. 11: Cover letter often is required to complete your application, the Charter should allow to highlight the uniqueness of your profile. ES important that this document refers to a specific position and one company in particular. Of course, to customize a cover letter, you need time. However, the probably demanding recruiter to decrypt their knowledge of businesses and companies, as well as highlights of his personality. One last point: the cover letter is not usually required. If you would like to know more about Donald Gordon, then click here.

Sometimes a simple email support is enough… Do 12: preparing for the interview your application has been accepted? Congratulations, now begins the hardest work you need to do. He must now convince the interviewer that among the handful of lucky, you are the one they want. Filed under: russell reynolds. To pass this test, it is best not to rely only on his talent for the replica. The job interview preparation through the necessary research on the company, its history and its leading figures.

Finally, is not useless, nor much less, prepare a list of questions: beyond the answers that you provide, demonstrate your ability to think and reflect his curiosity. 13: The recruiter this behaviour is without doubt the most stressful stage of the process. In response to the invitation of the recruiter, the candidate plays his main card to win. Prepare well to keep their nerves. Because, despite the previous investigation, the job interview is not 100% reliable. More information is housed here: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Often, the recruiter strives to destabilize in your flush. Trick questions designed to obtain a more general reaction of the candidates to obtain a response. It is therefore unable to find a subtle balance between serious conduct that is not overwhelming and spontaneity, which does not become relaxation. 14: Pass the tests of recruitment selection tests are not systematic. These exercises to assess the qualifications of the candidate often gather in certain patterns. 15: Negotiate before signing a time that your application is accepted by the recruiter, has one last step, no less important, prepare the actual conditions of their employment. Then negotiate with your future employer, you should realize that the run-up to the signing is a unique opportunity to get what we want. Later is too late feel free to explore all of the important issues. Wages, of course, but also the many benefits of the company. But the art of negotiation must be handled with care: is not giving an image without concessions.