Internet Software

Of course, this stuff you can steal competitors. To solve this problem, there is limited access to technology, materials, setting watermarks to images. Typically, watermarks carry information about the address the site or its logo. By creating videos can be put on people to demonstrate the capabilities of your goods, t-shirts with your logo or address of your site. Such measures make it potentially useless content for use by competitors.

As set out their website without changing it is straight to your advertising. Now, the actual decisions and value. For online stores, there are two main areas of creation: first – an exclusive product that is written directly to your needs, uses mostly the author's OA and design. The cost of such e-shop may be up to several hundred thousand rubles. This method of creating a trading platform is justified when the online store sells non-standard product, or require any exclusive technical solutions for security, integration into the corporate business, etc. It should be noted that the timing of final delivery of the project can be arbitrarily long, since the author's software software requires extensive testing and otladok. The second principle is another way – this is the standard engine (software package of the online store). Our company offers to create an Internet-based stores the standard engine of the ten thousand, as it is well-honed technique does not require time-consuming.

If you compare an exclusive software shopping carts and standard engines, the engines are standard features on are much more functional. Because, ordering the project, a businessman and he often has no idea what features it may need extra, and the standard engine integrated set of standard functions, of which just need to choose. Yes, and then connect to a standard engine standard module is much less expensive than writing new software under an exclusive. You should also understand that the standard online shop – this is is not necessarily a typical design. The most popular service, which is sold by us – is to create an online store based on the standard engine in conjunction with an exclusive design. The cost of these sites varies ranging from twenty to fifty thousand. Well now, if you're willing to try, or you can call us at first to come in and see our prices. Consultations are available during office hours free of charge. We glad to see you among our customers. Akhmatov IV Information taken from.