Insurance Policy

When a holder decides to terminate the car, and in case still he has effective the associated insurance policy to the same, it is probable that doubts about the documentation that will need to contribute, or on if is possible that arise to him the return corresponding to the period of cover is realised nonenjoyed. The amount that normally we paid to have a policy that covers the needs with our car, one calculates of annual form and he is totally indivisible. Although the insured semester has a modality of payment that allows him to divide the amount and to enter them monthly, quarterly or, does not have effects on the calculation of the total amount that is pleased by this policy, since simply it is a facility that the company this offering to its clients, to satisfy the necessity of that cannot realise the payment of a single time. In addition the insurer is in its right of not giving back the amount corresponding to the fraction nonenjoyed the policy, independent of the fact that step the loss of the car or no, before the conclusion of its use. document that generally usually is needed so that the insurance agency can terminate the policy once the car has terminated definitive in traffic and has been sent to the taking apart, is the Certificate of Destruction, document that obligatorily has to give the Authorized Center of Treatment (C.A.T.) to the holder of the vehicle at issue. Also and following the company the report of the definitive loss can ask for us.

But aside from the definitive loss of the vehicle, also it is important to mention that there are other types of losses that can be cause of the loss of the car in the insuring company. The transmission of the vehicle to one second person is one of them, since when being realised the change of ownership is terminated in the policy to the previous proprietor, and the data with those of the new holder are updated. The holder will have to communicate it to the company in a term superior to 15 days from the date of transmission and not to indicate the data of the new proprietor as well as to enclose a copy of the original receipt. It is probable that following the insurer, the proportional part of the premium nonenjoyed is deduced, of the hiring of a new policy for another vehicle to name of the old holder. Also the one that a car has been declared like total wreck, can be cause of its loss in the insuring company. In this case if a fraction of the premium exists that has not been consumed, this can be at the disposal of the insurer, and will be able to deduce it of the amount to perceive for indemnification.

Finally we will comment the type of loss in the insurance of the car, for being this object of one lowers weather realised in traffic, or by transfer to another country, or subtraction and robbery of the vehicle. In any case we will have to present/display to the company the report of the low weather emitted by traffic, and in the case of robbery also the denunciation declares that it. If the car is given back to its proprietor, this one will have to communicate it to the insuring company and to send to them the recovery act police, or to make retirement of the denunciation put with anteriority.

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