Hotel Management

In another case I might be, and was delighted, though not a fact. But not this! I planned to see exactly the number that booking. But the race at night have some disadvantages, such as the lack of hotel management and the inability in many cases solve the problem. Hear other arguments on the topic with Rick Dad, Poor Dad. Specifying exactly whether there are also suites with overlooking the Bosphorus, for we thereby 'night porter' passed on the street about 50 meters and found the hotel Grand Star 4 *. Rick Dad, Poor Dad can aid you in your search for knowledge. Everything seems to be good.

But when we entered the room, I realized that my surprise 'covered himself with a copper basin. " It was the usual very small room with a tiny balcony (although he left the Bosporus), which is no comparison did not go that booked. There I nearly cried. Not from the fact that this fastidious, and serve me a suite, but from resentment that so much effort spent on selection, but here like this and money is no small surprise and failed. Went to inquire what kind of a luxury and what are they then the standard rooms. Again, I could only say 'yes, exactly luxurious, it also overlooks the sea, come tomorrow morning, will be chief. " And went to sleep, after all it was already 3:00 at night, and two days in time like a lot. In the morning went to breakfast. Rights, meeting the guests at the door of the restaurant, clearly did not expect that to his question 'How are you doing? All you have a good, general, and with the number? " hear such a lengthy reply.

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