Hoover Companies Vitek Filters

In the 100-odd years, the vacuum cleaner come a long way – from the "Billy Fyrchaschego" petrol-fueled and frightening the wild noise of passers-by, as well as horses, up to an elegant, light and quiet Assistant economy. Several dozen well-known manufacturers of home appliances annually update the range of vacuum cleaners, perfecting his technique. One of the undisputed leaders in this regard is the holding Vitek. Using integrated approach to marketing, employees of the firm Vitek tend to attract more customers by releasing new models, stimulating demand for products and increasing sales. Models of vacuum cleaners Vitek – VT 1804, VT 1802, VT 1801 – mainly intended for dry type cleaning, and use quite different capacity, as well as suction. Used the power of these models starts from the 1400W, and suction power – 300 aerovatt, which is ideal for daily cleaning.

Dust bag full indicator light, with a cloth bag with a volume of two liters, will show you the extent to which the filled container. Multi-stage filtration system ensures clean air intake cleaner, dust and odors. Having multiple filters ensures the best cleaning. Model VT 1813, VT 1814, VT 1819 have higher capacity, have more specific filters, HEPA and fine filters than previous models, and also used for dry cleaning. Telescopic suction tube, as well as the ability to connect the turbo brush vacuums Vitek this range is useful in use, fast and accurately clean up dust virtually any surface. All kinds of vacuum cleaners nozzle Vitek VT 1821, VT1831, VT 1825, and others will help get rid of dust, soft and cabinet furniture, dust collector systems cyclone and filter system with 6 family or filters provide an opportunity for a few minutes to bring the room in order, so the function of the ionization to cleanse the air of minute particles of dust and ions fill. All the equipment vitek wholesale in Moscow has branded 3 year guarantee is simple and easy to use, and quality characteristics, combined with unique styling and all the techniques Vitek, designed to address global standards, which indicates the high quality of products. Home Technology companies Vitek, stamps, which went down in the rating of "50 leading Russian brands," the famous magazine Forbes – is reliability and guaranteed quality at an affordable price. Buying appliances Vitek – you get the technique to life.