Gunter Jonen

Are available to the current trends of the international eyewear fashion, including well-known designer brands like D & G, Prada, fail, Vouge, POLO, Ralph Lauren, Sisley, ESPRIT, or Ray-ban. Fashionable sunglasses and colorful children’s glasses, special glasses for sports or computer workstations, as well as contact lenses adjustments complete the attractive range of products. Capitalized is also”the detailed and competent customer service, Gunter Jonen is emphasized. It is always possible to take a free eye test. And it is important to support every customer that corresponds to his ideas and his personal touch in finding a spectacle frame us.

For this, we use, for example, the video consultations.” Fashionable eyewear, discreet hearing aids and professional customer services a good address is the Kolner Strasse 41 now for those who want to hear spoken words and other sounds again better and understand. Can be here to check the own sense of hearing using professional computer-listening test and the absolutely free of charge. Latest and very discreet hearing aids of all price ranges are available in case of need. You can try out even for a time without obligation in the personal environment. The modern hearing solutions to the individual needs of each can be adjusted to the latest technical standards.

In a listening experience room, you can test the hearing aids in various everyday situations, without having to leave the business. Various simulations offer the opportunity to compare different solutions with each other. People without hearing problems can experience, as a member or friend hears language, music and everyday sounds with and without technical hearing aids. Good vision and good hearing are undoubtedly fundamental components of our daily life”, so then again Gunter Jonen. Fashionable eyewear with an excellent view as well as powerful and nearly invisible hearing aids can help secure a high degree of quality of life. But professional advice and support are a prerequisite.