Group Values

Consequentemente, this exploration cause a significant reduction of the available amount in the aquiferos. The signals of that a possible solution for part of the problems of water scarcity would be harmed by an extreme use can be felt in China, in Saudi Arabia, India, Africa and the States Joined. The water-bearing crstico of the region of Irece is water-bearing a free associate to the neoproterozicas carbonticas rocks. of the Group It joins in the state of the Bahia (Bambui Group in Minas Gerais), whose morphology was sculptured by successive cycles of aplainamentos, resulting a plateau dissecado with average altitude around 800m. The water-bearing one presents piezomtrica surface following the regional topography and underground flow in direction to the gutters of the rivers Green, Alligator and its main tributaries (Brito Snows 1967, Hisses 1973, Bedmar et al.

1980). The estimate of values and conditions of recharge of water-bearing crsticos has been a challenge for the hidrogelogos of some parts of the world, especially in regions where it has great variation in the space and secular distribution of precipitations (Carter & Driscoll 2006). In general way, the values of the recharge and discharge have been monitored from use of chemical, isotpicos tracers, physical measures of the values of liquid discharges in springs, freticos levels (NF) from monitoramento of wells and regional precipitations (Leaney & Herczeg 1995, Vandenschrick et al. 2002, Panagopoulos & Lambrakis 2006). In the case of the water-bearing crstico of the region of Irec, estimates of the regional recharge from isotpicos data and measures of the fretico level, disclose average values between 55 and 66 mm/ano (Bedmar et al.1980, War 1986, Branches 2005, Beraldo 2005). This work has as objective to present the results of the monitoramento of the variation of the freticos levels of the water-bearing crstico of the region of Irec and measures of carried through regional precipitations in the period between December of 2002 and September of 2004.