' ' So that to divide? ' ' To get worse? Our Country does not have skill! It is truth that some States have great dimensions, but is not therefore that badly they are governed or managed, as to want! Some of small dimension also are in a true chaos! With these ideas and the execution of the same ones, will only contribute to increase the safadagem, the impostures, the disobediences, the empreguismo and everything that the management of the public thing collaborates for me! In this project that is being divulged so that the dismemberment of a State for top occurs there, we can believe, convictamente, that already she is the cambada all detached and if until not nominated for the positions, therefore is alone this that the broken emporcalhados ones make with so great precision! Why it will be that this happens and all more in this Land that if was not the disobediences, we could say that total would be blessed by God? But, it seems that not! This our Land, pretty, full of enchantments a thousand, is predestinold to the disobedience, the fondness to full the pocket with the money public, to the indifference with the minors, the education, the health, our verge, our mineral wealth, with Justice, therefore with these Laws exceeded, made to benefit the disembarassed one, is not possible to affirm that we are a privileged people! Ours politicians, badly intentioned, only think about imitating the Law of the countries where everything is possible for them! Successive mandates, some with sets of ten of account mandates, making that are working for the Native land, but the people is in a constant, rightened misery and without being able to complain because the rope always is breached of the side where the poor persons are! How disembarassed! They are there, not stops to work in favor of country good, but to assure itself and to familiar life worthy, comfortable, with studies of first World, without if to matter with society of which is part, but in one other platform, platform this, that privileges only the parentada one that as soon as they start to belong to this or that step if they forget, if alieniam and nor is there for the growth social, therefore the society knows to grow with its proper mritos, exactly with this SUS of the skill that are and the roubalheira in almost all the projects of the Government! But this needs to have one is enough. More information is housed here: christie’s art auction. . . You may wish to learn more. If so, Munear Ashton Kouzbari is the place to go. .