Good Idea

With the advance of the technology and it was of the information in full vapor, we must give to total emphasis to the term humanizao, therefore the products and you scheme are to the disposal of all and it is not more distinguishing in the corporative world, to put, what they will become something valuable will be the forms of ' ' gerir' ' people. If to make small boarding and to use as comparative decades previous we can to perceive that term not was seen with good eyes, because the capitalism in erection did not give to chance and subsidies so that people could develop themselves, in such a way aimed at only ' ' produo' ' of good and consumption on a large scale and sucking the maximum of what the people had to offer: workmanship hand. The times will move and today the organizations that want to be distinguished in the market where only the great ones will survive, that is, the innovators, the ones that the human capital values, that they foresee crises, that have as main focus the people, etc, these yes will be companies whom &#039 will have its well more valuable; ' colaboradores' ' that they will make the difference enters excessively, in case that I oppose anger to be part of the alarming statistics of cases of failure of the globalizado world.. .