GML Construct

In school, I was not bad enough, especially I was given hard math, so trying to learn even the simplest programming language, I am confronted with a complex set of lexical, syntactic, semantic rules. This proved to be irresistible to me the wall, I fell into depression and almost lost faith in what ever I can create my own game. But after a while, quite by accident, I learned that there are designers of games that can create games without programming! This became a turning point for me for my future career! Program to create games his familiarity with the designers of games I started with a program called Game Maker. It turned out that this is not a constructor and that to create even the simplest game requires knowledge of its own scripting language, called GML. I began to try and the other designers, but they also had their own significant drawbacks. For example, some of them was very low performance, others require knowledge of programming languages as standard tools for creating games was not enough.

Some designers were extremely limited, so even if This had a high price for a licensed copy. I went through about 30 popular game designers, until he met a designer of games, which is ideally approached me for all the requirements – new amazingly simple, but at the same time functional designer games Construct. A simple and surprisingly powerful designer games Construct Scirra Construct – a surprisingly simple and intuitive game designer who can create games without programming or scripting. You might ask in What is its feature to other designers? As he creates the game? The answer is simple – you draw the characters, creating scenery, places them at the level, assign the characters behavior, start the game and everything! No code scripts, and other mathematical complexities. You can easily create games for 5 minutes and share them with your friends, colleagues and publish them on your site or sell through the publishers and make good on this money.

Before you open a huge opportunity and all it’s completely free. After all, a program for creating games, not only Construct is free, but also open source. Creating games without programming process of creating Games have never been so easy and fun. Scirra Construct embodied in reality all what I, and I think many people have always dreamed of – namely, the ability to quickly and easily create their own computer games. To fully study program, you need only a couple of days, and after you have can easily create their own on her computer games. Soglasitest how easy it is in contrast to complex programming languages require many years of painstaking and diligent study. Now more good news: recently opened the first official Russian site about Scirra Construct. If you suddenly were not able to figure the program, you can visit the official Russian-language website to find useful documentation on the program, and also look at the examples created games, download the source code. The site also has a forum where experienced users can help all newcomers to learn the program. If you want to do their own computer games, try Scirra Construct! This is the first designer of games that really can create very complex, beautiful and interesting games, not inferior in quality casual games business. Now you can easily create an entire game universes and implement any of your imagination.