German Embassy

The unscrupulous scam in Oriental countries has again in 2010 a name of Bezness as every year thousands of unaccompanied women to the magical Orient fly. North Africa and Turkey lure with its wonderful beaches and its Oriental flair, which promises a touch of \”Tausendundeinenacht\”. And if you are in holiday mood, it is not averse to even a flirtation with a charming local. But this flirting can be anything but harmless–they can threaten even the entire financial existence of holidaymaker in the worst case, or worse. The whole romantic posturing, all the promises and oaths of love of the native GIGOLOS are often merciless calculation. The art of acting these charmers knows no limits or taboos.

Countless tourists are driven by the holiday love not only to financial ruin. Often, a relationship with the man who at least shows his true colors after the marriage, and the purchase of the residence and work permit in the \”promised land\” is created after the holidays. Especially even as long as unscrupulous North Africans and Turks play the perfect husband, until they have finalised all the goals, (car, House in the country, German passport) which can be reached. Then the beloved and oh-so-gentle man changed, the marriage becomes hell. The inconvenient wife of now nothing more to bring is, is getting worse treated, tortured, cheated, beaten, until it no longer thinks it is out and the relationship of go away. The \”good\” man can now claim he did only what wanted his wife and a separation would never come for him in question. From Germany alone, approximately 1,800 cases of fraud are reported the German Embassy in Tunis. It is similar in Egypt and Turkey. Unofficial estimates but considerably higher because many women from shame and ignorance, no charges. But Bezness happens not only on holidays, but also at our own doorstep.