General Sam Houston

But before, knows that even Chuck Norris, the Republican nomination must be earned. Go to Hyundai for more information. But also know Norris Council. He recommends that no he is challenging Gingrich (we’re talking about Chuck Norris; Recommend is not his thing), this true makes its own proposal to take all intra-party opponents (shadow) Cabinet. Problem solved. Any contradiction of a Mitt Romney or the like will be away ironed by Chuck Norris simply with a quote.

“This mission is greater than any one man.” Porous borders and foreign government bonds that sits like a right straight, because the quote, the Norris calls of course is none other than General Sam Houston, victorious Commander in the Texas war of independence against Mexico. More history compliant? No problem for Chuck Norris. It was, he writes, tired to see how the country will torn in pieces, all problems with more debt and control wanted to solve, and it robbed US citizens like once the King of England. (Barack I.?) Likewise, it be successful his sale of American sovereignty by “foreign government bonds” (maybe a little uncertainty in this area) and well-drained borders (!). And finally a threat: “I will not just sit here and watch me the expiration and the humiliation of the United States.” If you wanted to put the conservative Canon of the US election rhetoric on a DIN A4 page, one could have made no better to it.

Chuck Norris is although not policy, but he knows what to do. By the way he that believeth, to go away, laughing about something didn’t understand election campaign in the United States. One more? Chuck Norris is so cool that sheep count him when he goes to bed. You bet your ass, partner. Andreas Kellner…