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Madrid. 10/02/09 The Ministry of work and immigration has released today of affiliation to Social Security and unemployment data. Data that provide a whopping 3.8 million unemployed in our country and which show that as we have been saying for some time, this month and the final quarter of 2009 would be catastrophic and black in what unemployment refers and that those who suffered most are self-employed workers, as he explained to the President of CONAESalvador Garcia Torrico. As the number of freelancers, October recorded a decline in the special scheme for self-employed workers (RETA), with a total of 3.182.563 members, i.e. 12.310 self-employed less that a month ago, adds the Executive. And it is that as States Torrico, does not suffice to say that unemployment has fallen with respect to other months.

We must encourage access to business of self-employed and micro-enterprises, real projects that generate employment in our country; access to funding to prevent the closure of companies that already cannot meet their payments. We must facilitate fiscal measures that encourage the promotion and consolidation of those who every day struggle to keep their businesses and the jobs of many families. We need measures to put an end to late payment if in the month of may companies destruction census was around 300,000, at end of year we can be talking about half a million self-employed and micro-enterprises which have ceased their activity. And this, says the President of CONAE, is a reality that every day we are on time of deal. Therefore from the employer they believe should be measures of funding, flexibility of debts to Social Security and the Treasury; measures that end up with late payments and permit expediting payments to self-employed and micro-enterprises, reason why many are forced to close, indicated Garcia Torrico. Is a table where we sit down those responsible for the self-employed and micro-enterprises in order to provide quick solutions and address urgent with logic, measures which contain the destruction of enterprises and employment in the face of the 2010, ends. Who is CONAE La Confederation national of self-employed and micro-enterprises, incorporated in April 1988, is founded as a non-profit organization for the defence and support of the self-employed and micro-enterprises in the whole country.

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