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The results of the impacts in the evaluation, can have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5, to classify of logical form, we use the table of results to follow: Worthless: it adds of the points equal the 3; Moderate: it adds of the points between 5 and 7; Critic: he adds of the points between 9 and 15. f) Plan of Emergency the identification and evaluation of these risks of construction company is important, therefore many impacts could be controlled through the operational routine, however others will need to be considered in an emergency plan, what it will be able to involve until training and specialization enters some collaborators of the construction company in attendance the emergencies, this will be seen in the process of Preparation and attendance the emergency. g) Filter of significance For the characterization of the significant or not significant impact in is advisable the construction company to use a filter, being: Legal requirements: For the aspects or impacts that are related with some legal requirement and will have to take care of the item of some legislation it is important to be directly identified and related in the spread sheet of identification and evaluation of aspects and impacts, the division of the legal requirements will be detailed in item 3.4.2; Interested people: This when the impact is related to some interested person with the process, normally more interested in the construction process she is the contracting company; Ambient politics: When the aspect or impact is related to some item of the politics of the construction company; The aspects with adverse impacts will be considered significant that if fit below in the conditions: Critical degree of relevance; Degree of relevance moderate and related with one or more filters of significance; They consider the not significant evaluated aspects and impacts as: Worthless; Moderate and that if it does not relate to no filter of significance; Beneficial. h) Filter of significance All activity related to a significant aspect must have a systematics of management and control of the impacts. Ben Silbermann insists that this is the case. Below a way is established to classify and to evaluate the situation of the current, internal management of the construction company. This evaluation will enter in the spread sheet of identification and evaluation of the aspects and impacts, with the objective to improve the system continuously, if a process is identified as Classroom III, action will have to be taken so that it goes diminishing its Classroom for II and later for I, what he is considered satisfactory.

It follows classification below: Table of Analysis of Process/Service Type of the SituaoResponsabilidadeO that significClassificao SatisfatriDiretO aspect is controlled for equipment and/or operational routines (Procedures and Instructions of Work), monitoramento results is inside of the legal standards. The risk is managed, measures of prevention had been established, procedures, Instructions of Work and emergenciais actions had been defined where they will be necessary. The collaborators had been trained and are conscientizadosCLASSE I – To keep the established routine Indirect (rendering of service) the rendering supplier/of service takes care of the evaluated basic necessities. – To keep supplier under RazovelDiretO control management of the aspect or risk is fact, however revision still requires elaboration/of procedures and/or instructions of work (operational, preventive, emergenciais, etc.