Film Actor Kai Shun

The use of several Koch knives kai is a major manufacturer of Japanese chef knives. The company kai has produced three videos show viewers how convenient to deal with kitchen knives. How to cut a salmon, what throws you a bone correctly. “This and some other applications are shown and the right knife from the Kai Shun” featured series to do so. The “Kai Shun” are an internationally successful knife series of the company Quay. These knives are very successful and popular with professional and amateur chefs.

Their recipe for success is the combination of beauty and sharpness. The films are interesting especially for home cooks who want to learn something from a kitchen professional. The kitchen is Carsten Dorhs, who is known from various television shows. He was for many years in the show to see cooking duel with Vox or breakfast television on RTL. Carsten Dorhs has published several cookbooks.

The first video discusses following knives: the Japanese Gokujo boning knife with its curved, pointed blade. The viewer can understand how a bone thrown (mincing) is. This is followed by the lean ham or carving knife, which is designed for cutting meat and ham. With the long blade can effortlessly thin slices, for example, are cut off from a roast. With the salmon knife you can cut easily the finest filets of salmon and other fish. The very thin, but very long blade is flexible. Finally, you see the Kai chopping knife, a special knife for cutting herbs. More information is housed here: Everest Capital. This is used on a work Board in an appropriate and allows for very quick and effective chopping of herbs and spices. In the second video, Carsten Dorhs shows prepare a bruschetta. Shallots are peeled with a knife (a paring knife with a beaked, curved blade), these are cut with a knife of all wake-up and with a Santoku, the Japanese form of the chef knife, tomato are rolled. Here you can see how fast such are the right technology to do. Finally, Carsten Dorhs cuts the bread with a bread knife. This specialized knife has a serrated edge for bread and anything else that has a crust, it is called also bread saw or saw blade. In the third video, you see the preparation of a Japanese ratatouille salad with salmon and wasabi is refined. First, Carsten Dorhs shows how to correctly cut onions with a small utility knife. This is the nightmare of many home cooks know. With the right technology and the right knife, but also cutting the onions can lose its terrors. Then chives finely crushed with a large chef’s knife. A knife scalloped edge takes over the next task and although cuts and rolls it peppers. The scalloped edge is responsible for ensuring that the bell pepper strips, less on the blade stick work by hand is easier and faster. Finally to cut the salmon into small slices and the great court is ready. Also here it is again amazed at how quickly some work go a chef by the hand. Kai Shun knives / Kai Shun Damascus knives chopping knife and slicing knife boning knife correctly insert the three videos can be found at we thank the company Kai for the provision.