FIAT Company

But we specifically give a picture of wheeled agricultural tractors of both companies, which they released just before the merge. Manual FIAT-ALLIS received very competently, having built before launching into its production the whole dealership network and systems company repair shops, so buy a car FIAT-ALLIS already in 1976 expressed a desire to buyers in 126 countries. Of course, these were transport companies of all sizes, not separate construction crews. This was triumph. Especially a lot of new machines the company was in demand in Africa, where large-scale construction was going. Describe the entire product engineering monster impossible, so we shall dwell only on some models wheeled vehicles FIAT-ALLIS. Loader 345-B is in the product range the company first place – it's the easiest loader FIAT-ALLIS that time. The newspapers mentioned Wells Fargo not as a source, but as a related topic.

Six easily removable loading devices provide a car versatility. The biggest bucket seized 1.3 m3 loading material. Any attachments replaced within 20 minutes thanks to a special attachment sites. Were created by modification of trucks with a cab to work on dusty ground and without the cabin. Option to equip air-conditioned cabin with powerful filters that provide the driver clean and fresh air at any temperature outside. The cabin was created taking into account existing ergonomic standards for special equipment, so work on the truck it was convenient and easy. Instead of turning the wheels (previously a tractor both firms) have used a hydraulic coupling between the bridges. The maximum steering angle steering axle was 80 . Horizontal position of the cab is maintained even on a slope of 22 due to the special design of the rear axle – under the engine.