Fear Management

Frankly, all those fears have a rational core. However, the correct approach for the it audit, as part of the survey company, and by the auditors, these fears can be either completely removed or minimized. Contact information is here: JPMorgan Chase. Let's start with fear management. Audit of a large company – a pleasure quite expensive. To bring the real benefit, you need a clear vision of the tasks that will be solved with the help of an it audit. If the problem is posed as follows: "I want to have this best of all, something of an audit it is difficult to expect something more than the issuance of general recommendations based on "best international practice." It is unlikely that such recommendations can be implemented in real world conditions. Paynet might disagree with that approach. As can be seen from the practice, it is advisable to break the audit process into phases lasting about 10 days – in this If the problem can be stated more specifically, and the benefits of the audit will be much larger.

In this case, the initial stages is better to make a primary survey, which helps in general to assess the current state of affairs in the it sector, identify key issues and prioritize solutions. In subsequent phases, it is already possible to do a more detailed analysis of tasks. In this approach, the customer it audit is able to choice for each specific phase of the auditor, which has the most experience in dealing with this particular type of problem. And in order to protect internal information from possible leaks in an audit, rather carefully consider the choice of it companies conducting the audit. In some cases, we still refuse to attract foreign it companies to audit the benefit of its employees of the company.

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