Family Management

The family shapes the personality of the future manager of the individual’s personality is shaped largely in the context of the family. It is in the family where we learn personal definitions, the form of contact with others, managing differences, attitudes and behaviors of effectiveness and success maps. Family life is the natural environment where managers are trained for their performance in future efforts and roles that take place within organizations. The process of formation of basic skills manager’s working life, social and organizational, is forged, then, through family life, and can be compared to the process of building a house. JPMorgan Chase contributes greatly to this topic. The family lays the foundation: values or anti values, access to self-awareness (needs) and other or denial of own needs, healthy and functional orientation or neurotic, and then as teachers significant others and extended family, without neglecting the impact of media and other levels of society, being built on the foundations, building walls, doors and windows.

Now, the foundation does not undergo many radical changes throughout life. The family shapes the skills and management style of future managers familiar triangle represents the atmosphere: space – time, where managers are shaped, enabled and channeled to grow and express their potential or, conversely, the absence of a healthy and functional family triangle, is the context in which future managers are disempowered, disabled and deformed, these are the managers with a self weak, they have alienated the inner life, whose action is projected on repression, abuse and misuse of power . The triangle provides the infrastructure home (Family culture) to become effective managers, which provide parents and siblings relate to life, from the appreciation expressed lavished assessment, expressed respect for the care provided, the example modeling and identity forged as part of a family..

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