European Stations

If there is a chance to find a gas station, where you can only fill the tank, it is only in the area. In the class of Medium settled nearly all of St. Petersburg service stations. The difference mainly lies in size and quality range of shops, as well as the list of additional services. Critical difference is the way to gas stations – gas stations of European origin (Neste, Shell) practiced 'self', ie first Driver pours petrol, and then pays for a specific number of liters.

Such an approach came to love the many motorists, it's really convenient, so it is likely in the near future, such a system would not uncommon and local gas stations. Premium-class – it is something new for Russia, while this level of service is astonishing. However, the speed with which won the hearts of car owners' class average to predict future increase the number of gas stations offering a very broad list of additional services. At present, the same day in St. Petersburg, positions itself in this class, only the German network of Aero.

Gas stations of this company differ elaborate corporate style, personal approach to each client. While a car service (and the list of services appear cabin cleaning, washing the body, pumping tires, etc.), the driver can visit the 'relaxation area' with your tv and pc. The number of gas stations Aero in St. Petersburg is gradually increasing, which means that the premium-class enjoyed a certain popularity. Summing up – divide filling station on the good and bad on the basis of membership of a particular brand can not. The quality of gasoline and its price is determined only for a specific gas station. In general, the choice of filling – a matter of personal preference and queries in the choice of service levels. Also, do not miss the opportunity to ask the opinion of other motorists, the good the Internet provides tremendous opportunity for the exchange of information, including the choice filling stations.