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What is the best methodology most appropriate to create a report is sustainability? The sustAinability organization identified the key questions that a company needs to do is to choose the most appropriate standard according to your needs. The subject of this article does not discuss this questions, but for more information you can consult the following link what are the principal existing international sustainability standards? Government type organizations, non-governmental and business have developed regulatory tools to support companies in general to communicate its economic performance, embiental and social through sustainability reports. The most recognized standards are as follows: * Sustainability scorecard: is a methodology developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, that incorporates the social and environmental dimensions of a company. * Environmental accounting guide: developed by the Ministry of environment of Japan establishes accounting procedures that They allow a company to determine the cost of the conservation of the environment, during the execution of their activities and the benefits obtained. gs. () * The United Nations Global Compact: is made up of 10 prinicpios of corporate citizenship, based on international conventions and treaties on human rights, labor relations, environmental protection and anti-corruption * AA 1000 (AccountAbility 1000): is based on dialogues with stakeholders * SA 8000 (Social AccountAbility 8000): developed by the organization international standards ISO is a standard of monitorei and verification volunteer to fix working conditions in global manufacturing operations. The requirements of this standard are applicable to any industry, independent of their geographical location, sector or size (www.cepaa.org).

* The United Nations Millennium goals: the Millennium goals is a plan agreed in 2000 by all the Nations of the world, and all important development ma institutions at the global level. Comprises eight Millennium development goals. They range from reduction to half extreme poverty to stopping HIV/AIDS and the achievement of universal primary education by the year 2015 * (GRI) sustainability reporting: delivery guidelines to present a balanced view and reasonable and a reference framework that facilitates the comparison between reports these and other sustainability reportsthey are key aspects that allow a company to take choices in terms of their social, economic and environmental performance. These methodology are only the beginning, still lack unifying criteria, academic effort that still require these new communication initiatives are enough you high. However, are you already have the minimum knowledge to begin with. Because demonstrate our social, economic and environmental performance beyond the norm, it is a big step towards a sustainable humanity..