Move from an employee to an entrepreneur can mean an enormous challenge. I mentioned before that only those with the courage to take risks and a passion for uncertainty can exit the comfort zone that grants the secure pay and venture into the paths of entrepreneurship. However, if you’re really determined, committed to yourself and persevere long enough, the transition from employee to entrepreneur can be an exciting process. If you are tired of being in the rat race and dream of being your own boss someday, are flirting with the idea of being an entrepreneur: then it is perfect to feel frustrated suddenly in your current job. In fact it is very common and is part of the process of life that you have chosen for you.

It is even so beneficial with that frustration you’re increasingly expanding your experience of life, and you know ever more clearly what you don’t want, so you find it much easier to know what you do want and hope for a change. It’s an experience of contrasts that takes you to search other horizons where do you better. Now well, if what you want is to become your own boss only to escape from the frustration of your current employment, better that you take it with caution, as it could be a precipitous decision that probably do not you leave well RID, since it is likely that the next job is very similar, since you are focused on what you don’t want. Remember that your attention where there goes, goes your energy and get more of the same. For them it is essential that you identify your motivators to start a business. Manage your own business is quite different than working for someone else. When you’re the business owner, you are free and at the same time responsible for everything that has to do with your business, much more in a home.

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