Enterprise Coaching

Years 90 privileged the academic formation and the intellectual brightness of the leaders, and, as at previous times of him the brilliant ideas and the success and ascent depended on the company. But little by little the lack of abilities was stated to be related today to people of this type of leader and, besides the hard knowledge the emotional abilities and social they are the key of the success in the management of a leader, whom it must know how to positively handle to the personnel, influencing in work parties, generating positive climates of interaction, encouraging to the commitment and the good performance. As much the work climate as the contribution of the set of the brains that form an equipment is fundamental for the success, and this handles the new leader to it, is so it is valued today plus the emotional competition for the high positions. Coach enterprise can be a good leader or to help to select to the leader of an area determined in a work company, marking directive, leading the process and offering tools of formation to the people emotionally enabled to exert the leadership. The great necessity to integrate the intellectual part with the emotional one has arrived at the world of the businesses finally, requiring today of the technical outpost of coaching to resolve reflection spaces and to obtain the processes that evolve in optimal joint works. One does not value then the emotional coefficient at the same time as the intellectual, integrating the social dimension of the human being without forgetting the spiritual part either. In order to be able to be developed successful of conductiva way a balance between all these factors is necessary, and the tools of coaching make it possible. More and more the companies resort to coach to optimize the treatment of their employees, to generate work groups and to enrich of technical knowledge to its leaders, making possible the change of the preconceived ideas, the suitable handling of the emotions, the control or advantage of impulses and intuitions, modifying emotional states, etc.