In greenhouses operates a closed loop heat generation allows to reduce the energy consumption for heating by 15-20%. In this case, as compared to conventional gas boiler, gas consumption at the plant "Greenhouse" has decreased by 32%. New boiler, built with modern equipment, designed for heating greenhouses with total area of 6 hectares. In further plans – construction of greenhouses with a total area of 3 hectares for the cultivation of cucumber using modern technologies. Increase the yield of vegetables is expected to be 100% per square meter It is planned that the plants in these greenhouses will produce fruit all year round. The company's activities in the field of heating systems is carried out in two directions: 1. Design and supply of new heating systems in greenhouses construction of both Russian and Dutch production.

2. Reconstruction of old, existing systems. Own design department makes a complete thermal design greenhouses, taking into account regional climate features. Then, depending on the crop, technology and customer requirements developed a schematic diagram of the greenhouse heating system. The next step is the design and selection of appropriate equipment. In our projects are only advanced brands: valve 'Centra', 'Honeywell', 'Danfoss'; pumps 'Johnson' (special greenhouse pumps), 'Grundfos', 'Wilo'. Following the development project is the delivery of complete and installation, as well as work on the launch and commissioning of the heating system. Reconstruction of old systems Single loop heating system heating greenhouses and an analogue climate control, which were designed 40 years ago, are outdated in terms of both quality climate control (the inability to achieve a uniform temperature field across the greenhouse area), and in terms of inefficient use of energy. Manifold increase in energy prices, lower yields due to poor climate leads to a loss of competitiveness of plants with outdated heating systems. The company, having 10 years experience in the greenhouse business, offers a reconstruction of heating systems and digital climate control. The transition to a modern heating system provides several significant advantages: The uniformity of the thermal field due to separation of the greenhouse climate on zonyEkonomiyu electricity from use smaller pumps and performance naporEkonomiyu coolant through the optimal allocation of heat between the contours of all these indicators can not only directly affect the reduction cost, but also by reducing the inertia of the heating system, make it possible to implement advanced technological methods, for example, to perform fast and quite regular transitions between day and night temperatures that the best effect on yield.

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