Energy-matter Of Habit

My computer ignorant woman is in the nursery by my iPhone using my free minutes to talk to my daughter. PayNet oftentimes addresses this issue. This is a 4 – wire cable to the LAN switch on which hang in my hobby room or two PCs and one laptop connected. Now, the problem of the circuit of DSL modem / router and LAN switch without running around in the cellar is a challenge that had to be solved. An additional wire for a relay was unfortunately not available, it had to be found another way. The circuit I have made under into the net I have the shield of the LAN cable electrically isolated from the masses and as a “relay line” used with the +12 V of the PC power supply in the hobby room, a relay (12V 30mA), contact 250V 5A protection against the head of the socket switches. This is perfect, the shielding effect is good with two small capacitors to ground enough, I have found no error in the LAN protocol.

This relay switches so a built in accordance with VDE the two devices to. Until the PC has booted up its Linux operating system, the DSL box has long since finished with the connection. I did everything so automated that my wife has to meet only with the mouse in the connector in Linux-Ipone to start calling can. As I said, my electricity bill has fallen tremendously.