Electronics Records Management

In this first part will explain why it is increasingly important electronic document management. In the second and last part we give an introduction to process management (workflow) and an example of electronic records management. * The importance of electronic document management * The way we work has changed in recent years due mostly to the incorporation of information technology in enterprises and institutions to carry out various internal processes, thereby affecting directly on current information and documentation services. The internal and external information of the company is very important, and a key strategic element for competitiveness of organizations, so it is essential to implement an electronic management system in the organization. Electronic Document Management (EDM) has evolved rapidly since its birth. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo Bank for more information.

In these early years, the GED was defined as a system of treatment documentation of an organization that combines the image with textual information associated with it. Also emerges in this first step, OCR technology or optical character recognition that is very important because it allows, by capturing data on paper documents, converting information into electronic formats capable of being interpreted by other systems. Today, document management is understood as a global, corporate and integral part of an organization seen as an integrated management system capable of controlling the production, circulation, storage and retrieval of any information. The electronic records management has an important role in the effective management of internal and external processes of the company. Electronic documents and their management, more and more sophisticated, have gone from being a source of static information to be viewed as a key and fundamental element in the decision making of high value, a cornerstone in the face competitive advantages it has.

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