Electronic Maps in the Russian Market

Today the Russian market offers a large number of electronic maps of various cities and regions. In this regard, often have questions: What is it and what for? And what benefit can be obtained when using them? Basil YUMSHANOV (Jr) New software products are in some way analogous to already familiar to many wall maps. But it always possible to take a large poster? Of course not. In July of this year Internet media have news on the portal karta.kirov.ru commissioned an electronic map of Kirov and Kirov region. Demonstrating remarkable curiosity, our editors are not too lazy to spend precious time and get to know project details.

The presence of simple maps in the electronic version is irrelevant and unlikely to find a mass market. Therefore, we decided to provide a comprehensive range of business application – the tools. They can be include the provision of a database of enterprises, organizations can quickly search and so on. We also have plans to enter the desired driving route calculation (including intersections, driving directions), the calculation of travel public transport. Soon customers will be able to use GPS – navigation, – the head of the project karta.kirov.ru Eugene Kokovikhin. Electronic business card at this stage of business development are essential, convenient and indispensable element. These products are of interest to a wide range of users – from ordinary citizens to heads of large companies. For companies interested in the possibility of such maps to optimize their transportation questions, questions of logistics, the ability to search addresses and locations relevant suppliers and consumers, and more.