Egypt Pyramid

Arrive to Cholula, and even more, give with the archeological site, is an adventure somewhat tangled for first-time visitors, however, once being there, the visual reward is simply unbeatable. The great pyramid of Cholula has characteristic dimensions of 400 meters per side and 65 meters high, making it the largest (in terms of its base) worldwide, surpassing en masse to the Egypt, which had been considered the largest until some decades ago. This colossal building is result of 10 centuries of accumulation of large structures, since according to the discoveries, this consists of five overlapping constructions. At present, which can be seen is a small part of the fourth overlapping construction, while the fifth was covered by soil and vegetation, giving the appearance of a hill, rather than a pyramid. At the top lies the temple dedicated to the Virgen de los Remedios, venue of mass and religious ceremonies. From the Esplanade of the Temple of the Virgin los Remedios, beautiful scenarios can be seen as the volcano Popocatepetl, the mountain Iztaccihuatl or fields of sowing that stretches on the outskirts of the village. Cool wind caressing your face, sounds in the distance and smells that travel in the air, reward visitors for their effort, while making him prepare mentally for the second part of his journey: the tunnels. When you are about to enter the tunnel, you will find at the box office with several guides that will offer to accompany him on the tour.

Although the visit can be carried out perfectly without one, it is highly recommended to have their services, they are already experts in the subject of the great pyramid and they will help you to better understand the structure of it, making sure to attract your attention to details that could easily pass unnoticed. Beneath the great pyramid there are 8 kilometres of tunnels that run through it from North to South and from East to West. Its origin dates back to 1931 when the architect Ignacio Marquina began his exploration, the outline of the different bases, the slope of the slopes and stairs. Currently only a couple of kilometres of these tunnels are open to the public, but ultimately it is an interesting route that is worth doing. If you are visiting in Puebla, do not miss the opportunity of visiting San Andres Cholula and the great pyramid of the Mexico, a place where you may admire the greatness of our ancestors in splendor and surprise with wisdom possessed. Come to Cholula, you will not regret!

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