Dog Training

Something that all people who have dog always wish to enter in the world of dogs with your pet training is to give the paw in English, is called shake hands (shaking hands). Teach a dog to give the leg this is relatively simple. To teach your dog for this trick, feel it and gave a shake (if you use commands in English) either leg! or leg! while gently tomas paw and shake it as who greets another person. You can repeat this process several times and reward your dog by cooperate in learning. When your dog lift the leg to hear your command, reward him with a gift or a good compliment.

Good Doggie! or well, Ray! Teach a dog to greet teaches your dog to greet. The greeting with the leg is a simple trick but that it may take a little more time, will be simpler if we first teach you the trick above give the duckling. Place your dog in position sitting and greet him by lifting one of your hands. Then it repeats the command greets! while you play him one of his legs with the hand that you don’t use to greet him. Flatters your dog for you attention and petting it when performing the trick correctly. You are already beginning to have success as an expert in dog training! Teach a dog to turn on itself teaches your dog the trick of turning on itself. The twist is a funny trick you all love want that your dog learns to perform.

Lie your dog on the floor and stand beside her. Then gives the command tour! while you put one of your hands on your spine and the other in your tummy. Help him to turn while you say so turn!. Reward your dog for cooperating. Have handy pieces of their favorite cookies and reward each time that manages to turn with your help. In a few days your dog will be able to do so only to hear the command and without your assistance. I am Marcelo Perez, and I congratulate you for your progress! Training for dogs original author and source of the article.

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