Disability Insurance

Insured persons must not be harassed insurance in their insurance policies not set, that insured in the event of an emergency must release all doctors treat it or nurse from the secrecy. A such comprehensive confidentiality childbirth hurt the insured in their right to Informational self-determination. Disability insurance may require not all thus has the Federal Constitutional Court (AZ.: 1 BvR 2027/02) against the practice of occupational disability insurance turns, which often have imposed on many duties to cooperate the insured in the event of a disability. The Chief federal judge made it clear that insurance companies would have to give its customers alternatives to childbirth so comprehensive confidentiality. In the case of a woman invalidity had claimed services from their occupational supplementary insurance. She refused however, lump sum to release all treating doctors from the confidentiality and offered, one corresponding to each individual doctor Statement to make. The insurance did not accept this and refused the payment of the pension.

Before the instance courts, the wife had no chance, before the Federal Constitutional Court but she was able to secure finally a success with her constitutional complaint. Because the required lump-sum childbirth by the secrecy violated the woman in their right to Informational self-determination. She could not control so the judges, maintaining their interests in secrecy, because is no longer manageable, who give information about their disease. In contrast, the right of the insurance on comprehensive review of the facts of the case is less to assess, especially as there are ways for the insurance to get the desired information: the information proposed by the woman in some cases was such a possibility.