Disability Insurance: Insure Against Disability

The accident insurance is more important today than in the past the Government has relieved from the insurance of invalidity and disability. Without a disability insurance is usually only the normal disability pension, which is not enough for living expenses. That is why it is extremely important to insure the follow-up costs of an accident. Usually this is done best with a disability insurance, actually most of the Invaliditaten will be created not by accident, but because of a disease. The disability insurance pays in all cases of disability, regardless of the reason. Who would like to cover only the family, choose a term life insurance.

Disability insurance can not be completed under some circumstances (such as when pre-existing conditions). Then, the accident insurance is the best choice and should necessarily be completed. However, you should be doing with mind, because not all insurance are recommended. Accident insurance must contain an accident the financial charges, until the fall of the death. Offers with reward redemption are far too costly, and therefore not recommended. Although superficially they look interesting, the interest rates are very lean, so that the higher contribution usually doesn’t pay off.

Select the insurance sum is not too low, but also not the maximum. Because the contributions to the insurance increase with increasing insurance sum. Average must 100 euro lay approximately for the insurance year, an investment that pays for itself in case of disaster. Make only honest information in the form of insurance and better specify pastimes, which lead to higher fees. In the other case, it can happen that the insurance later not paid. The companies are now very much entitled to learn about their customers in our technological world.

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