Design and Artistic Abilities

Design is now one of the most influential kind of design and artistic activities. It facilitates the work and life, affects the life style, seeks to create a comfortable environment for us based on specific research research. Design is focused on advanced technologies, materials and modern technological advances. Sometimes feel that the design of a half-step ahead of our time. Large companies, carefully studying the dynamics of consumer demand, predicting the future, work on it, creating promising models already for buyers of tomorrow, with their diverse needs and taste. However, the product design should not be just today, but fashionable, that is responsible aesthetic ideals and tastes of certain groups. Otherwise it will remain unclaimed. Therefore, the design reflects not only the quantitative characteristics – size, speed, power, cost, and more subtle – the convenience, comfort, style: people often buy products not on the quantitative characteristics, and for originality, by which the owner declares who he is or Who wants to appear.

Thus, in the development of design are primarily spiritual needs of man and the desire for clarity, and its armed over frequent in ergonomics (the special science that studies the physiological and functional features of the person giving the necessary parameters for creating a comfortable human environment). Often designers consider themselves the true representatives of the consumers in the firm-producing. Division marketing, they reason, tends more to sell, and the production department – to reduce costs. Only the designers put yourself in the customer and think about how clear whether the purpose of the goods and whether they are comfortable to use. For a long time in the technical aesthetics all based on intuition and common sense, but as the complexity of products and the growth of demanding customers process more formalized. In many parts of the design today are specialists in "human factors" – industrial psychologists, intently studying the relationship between commodity and consumer. Thus, large companies, before proceeding to release a new model conducted extensive research involving engineers, psychologists and designers. Create dozens of models with options and testing them involving control groups of buyers. According to the company, the game is worth it: releasing new model, it sells more products than before.

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