Wowereit s questionable understanding of democracy – or the State, I am! The State, I am, as said already the Sun King Ludwig XIV. Tegel already bursting at the seams. This situation will deteriorate once again with the closure of Tempelhof, a fully functioning and accepted airport. Passengers in Tegel can experience this situation during the peak hours daily. Air traffic delays following long queues in front of the check-in counters, traffic jams before the security checks and the resulting are now the rule. Pilots and air traffic controllers complain about flight delays and narrow in Tegel, which is exacerbated partly by the military and Government air traffic in the northern part. Only in the last year resulted in this context critical situations. Access to the airport Tegel is already connected with obstacles: air and departure: a two-lane road, partly as a tunnel, usually with congestion on the right track by waiting taxis.

In a possible accident at the airport, these would be the Tegel block life-saving access of the necessary emergency services. The airport Tegel was built for about six million passengers a year. Now there are over 13 million. The trend is rising and more long haul routes are planned from autumn 2008, flights from Tempelhof will be added. The airport Tegel should take up significantly the air traffic between West Berlin and West Germany at times of the wall.

It was employed primarily smaller aircraft. Currently, the most critical bottlenecks in Tegel are the terminal building or the check-in area. After the already carried out extensions, extensions of the handling areas B, C, D and extensions must be, made now so the system Tegel\”not collapsing. According to the internal plans of the airport company, published in the Berliner Morgenpost 21 and 25.3.2008 will follow shortly for several million euros of the construction of a further provisional Terminal F in the center of the ramps, \”so the business plan.