Delicious Feasts To The Advent Season

Be careful calorie trap. The quiet time of the year, the highlight of each city is clearly the Christmas market. The play of light, as well as the origin of the delicious scents at different booths can with family and friends the best explore. But just the sweet and savory delights seduce mostly to excessive feasting. The impact of this culinary kiosks spell”are then relatively quickly to recognize the scale. But with a sharpened awareness of the calorie content of the food, as well as the energy consumption of your own body can the year after year dreaded Christmas Bacon circumvented.

From sweet to hearty Kalorienfallen on the Christmas market the typical mix of sweet sticky and hearty hearty odors on the Christmas market can be otherwise disciplined diet enthusiasts are weak. Whether roasted almonds, Crepes, or yet bratwurst and French fries with much enriched lure the advent stands large and small to taste sugar and fat. Here is the calorie content the delicacies safely ignored. Roasted almonds debit for example the personal calorie account with approximately 500 kcal per 100 g bag. Also the popular variant of Crepe with Nutella proposes enormous beech with about 400 kcal. Higher in terms of calories is fried pastries. Warm, crispy and with powdered sugar sprinkled, the sweet meal can converge not only the water in the mouth, but also the Huftgold grow: with the hot pastries of fattening foods is 700-800 kcal per serving par excellence on the advent markets. But the hearty snacks don’t hold back in terms of calorie.

The classic delivers proud 500 kcal per serving bratwurst with mustard and ketchup. The Currywurst was in abundant sauce that even exceeds approximately 680 kcal. Who chooses, however, for a portion of French fries consumed only”but with much ketchup and mayonnaise this value increases approximately 300 kcal, of course considerably.